Abandoned School

School 1

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If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes: 

Created by: Jbird

Additional Credit:
Awesome Pieman - boss zombie, and general scripting help
Treminaor - menu and general scripting help
RadimaX - RadixhaX mirrors and RadihaX temple
Tom_BMX - lime, lemon and timed gameplay
Bluntstuffy - Raygun Mk2 effects

The Basics: What is the most locally available building in your neighborhood that has lots of supplies to barricade yourself in? A school of course!
Players will find themselves locked in a school that they thought would be secure... boy were they wrong.

What We Liked: The layout of this school is done in a traditional manner with enough areas to run around but not enough open space to allow you to feel safe. It's got locker rooms, a basketball gym, an outdoor swimming pool, a few classrooms, roof access as well as a stage for the PAP machine. There is also an amazing looking boss on this map that will have you running for your life while you fill up your undies with brown sludge. The map has a good number of perks as well as custom guns, MW2, MW3, BO2, Ghosts and Black Ops 3 guns as well and monkey bombs have been replaced by road flairs. Finally there is an objective in this map that has to do with things you would find in a school so it fits the theme pretty well.

What We Didn't Like: The objective isn’t the most fun as you will be hugging the walls for days looking for items and since most of the colors are brown and grey you may begin to ask yourself if this is really worth it.

The Final Word: Created for the UGX/ZomMods mapping contest this map is pretty fun with friends, looks good and that boss zombie is scary as hell.