Abandoned Rocket Base

Abandoned 1

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Creator: Awesomepieman

The Basics: You begin outdoors in a military base type area surrounded by all sorts of machinery, piles of steel barrels and shipping containers. It's bright, sunny and looks nice and harmless, that is, until the dead begin to rise and force you underground into a fight for you life that will take everything you've got and more in order to survive.

What We Like: The map is large with many fun areas to just run around and survive  but with tight enough quarters to never make it seem too easy. This map has an insane number of features that make it feel fresh and emphatically sets the bar for future maps. Its got custom guns, Black Ops perk, a giant rocket that you actually get to launch, QEDs, the Brutus boss from Mod of the Dead, perk bottle powerups, the Hell's Retriever, custom traps that look freakin' amazing (think a minigun meat grinder), lunar lander, models ported from Black Ops, multiple easter eggs, a buyable ending and more! I understand that all of these features wouldn't mean much if the map flat out sucked, but my friends it doesn't. It does the opposite of suck, it not only looks great, in most areas, but also it's a ton of fun too. Just taking the lunar lander to the PAP area and back is nothing short of breathtaking. Watching, hearing and feeling Brutus rise from the ground is fear inducing and shooting the Solar Flare wonder weapon makes you feel god-like.

What We Didn't Like: For almost anyone playing this map solo it will be VERY hard. There is just so much to find and unlock and areas to explore in order to get to the ending it can easily become overwhelming. Also, the amount the buyable ending costs is just absurd clocking in at a whopping 250k.

Final Word: I've heard some people say that the animations on some of the guns aren't perfect, the reload animations are off, the map lacks intricate detail covering every square foot of map space. I hate these people and they need to be curb stomped, and by the way, these are probably the same douche-bags cranking out boxmaps weekly for your gaming pleasure.  The mapper has done too many things right on this map for anyone to get hung up on a few minor missteps. Just because every detail on this map may not be perfect it's still a masterpiece and is just flat out fun.  Don't miss out on this one!


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