The Swan



Mappers: Mapped by HexZombies & Scripted by AwesomePieMan


The Basics: Set on a mysterious island, The Swan is a homage to the popular television series “Lost”. There are many set pieces and items which are straight from the Lost universe so having a working knowledge of the show may increase your appreciation for the map significantly.


What we like: The map visuals are among the best out there right now; from the lush green jungle area and the flashes of lightning which light up the sky to the detailed fully functioning underground compound complete with everything you’ll need for surviving the end of the world including an emergency lockdown feature. The underwater area where the PAP machine is located looks awesome and it’s nice to see mappers going the extra mile in order to make a memorable experience.

The dangers on this map are MANY as this map boasts the Avagadro, the Napalm Zombie and the Shrieker Zombie and that is on top of the horde of standard zombies filling in the gaps on a map that has limited space to begin with.

Fortunately the map is loaded with fun and entertaining weapons for you to play with which can assist you on your journey. The fan favorite PPsh makes a return and is buyable somewhere in the jungle, the Raygun Mark II is also here along with Matryoshka Dolls, the Hells Retriever AND making their custom zombie debut is the 31-79 JGb215 or simply the Baby Maker and the elemental staffs from Origins. Those guns headline the cast but many other guns from WAW, Black Ops and BOII can also be found around the map and in the mystery box. There are a total of 11 perks including some custom perks to buy, but since there is a perk limit you will need to choose them wisely.

Now for the Easter Egg and this is where things get a little dicey for me. There is a very complex Easter Egg on this map in the style of Black Ops II. This map is not going to hold your hand every step of the way; rather it will demand that you do some serious thinking in order to complete many of the objectives. So, if you liked those types of EE’s you will feel right at home here. Without a doubt a TON of thought and effort has gone into making it challenging as well as rewarding to complete.


What we didn't like: I personally think that the level of difficulty on the map thanks to the Avagadro as well as the complexity of the EE is going to be far too difficult for many zombie players to see through to the end.

There are also places above ground in the jungle where it looks like you should be able to simply jump over small rocks or navigate between some trees or bushes only to find out at the worst possible time that you are unable to do so. Also, going into the water slows you down but not the zombies so be very careful when choosing which direction to flee when in danger. All of this his puts a premium on playing the map over and over until you have memorized the layout perfectly and know exactly where you should and should not go.


Final Word: As with the map Prison Mission your enjoyment of The Swan  may hinge on how much you like complex, challenging objectives and trial and error. While it may be too much for some people out there if you are the kind of player who really enjoyed the Black Ops II zombie EE’s you will be in heaven with this map. Still, between the different boss zombies, the weapons, the smart layout and superior visuals - play this map even if you just want to run around and cause chaos, it really is that good.



~Tomikaze  (Email me if you need help in early rounds on this map)

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