Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014


These 6 maps should get you in the spirit of Christmas. Sure, there are other maps that have Christmas elements to them but they are terrible and I'd never wish them on my worst enemy.


1) TMG Christmas - Find out what happens when the small town of TMG kidnaps Santa!

2) Christmas with the Joker - Help Batman save Christmas and restore order to Gotham.

3) Last Stand Christmas - Quizz vomits snow in your eyes in his rendition of Christmas. Oh yea, it's jolly good.

4) UGX Christmas - Slay satanic Reindeer and a mutant Mrs Claus  mixed with UGX wonderment.

5) SS Mansion - This is what happens when Christmas comes to Verruckt Mansion. Come for the eggnog, stay for the murder.

6) Subway Christmas - Go underground to fight the horde and give the gift of death!

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