Tomikaze’s favorite custom zombie maps and why (listed alphabetically)

Tomikaze's favorite custom zombie maps and why (listed alphabetically)

I hope you guys enjoy this, I put a lot of time and effort into it and my goal was just to give a very brief review of all the maps that I think are top notch or have impacted me in a special way over the years.


Abandoned Rocket Base: A Large map that looks pretty good with a massive easter egg, some custom wonderweapons, a boss that spawns in right next to you and a creative and fun layout for a map. Big points for the sci-fi themed underground area.

Airport: This is a great looking map that proved that there could be more to a map than buying a bunch of doors to get to the ending. It is a really fun journey through the inner-workings of an airport.

Ali: This map is just weird, but in a good way. Weird sounds and pictures, and an easter egg with very few clues as to what to do, but it still manages to be a lot of fun once you familiarize yourself with where things are at. Fun map layout and creative design.

Aztec: Freaking HUGE map that will take you hours to beat even if you fly through it. Tons of barriers to open and some very challenging areas that will have you wondering what to do next. For such a gigantic map it actually manages to look pretty decent. The big thing I feel it has going for it is how mysterious it feels going through the pyramids.

Baseball Field II: This map captures the frantic, fast paced action that makes zombies so addictive. With the VERY creative map layout, all the custom modes of transportation and the various zombie types it really is a just about a perfect crazy fun zombie experience – if only its weapons were better.

BeachTown: A beach resort themed map with a lot of fun places to go and ways to escape the zombies and even a bit of mystery added in for good measure. The UGX Mod +1.

Berlin Bank: The first map I ever saw that implemented the “zombie flood”. Seeing like 15 zombies come sprinting at you and hurdling a desk is pretty freaky and exciting at the same time. The map looks really good too especially considering that it's a few years old.

Chemplant Elite: The first map I ever saw that utilized vertical space to this degree. The basement area looks mysterious and the view from the roof is pretty cool too. Watch out for the zombies scaling the outside of the building.

Comosea: The first map to showcase the UGX Mod, as we know it. This map boasted a fun, complex easter egg as well as being very sinister and intimidating in appearance. Gotta love the spinning blade trap and the toxic water.

Dale's Dock : The first map to feature the UGX Mod after the standalone mod was released. Had some really great camping areas and offered you a certain amount of freedom in how you wanted to open up the map..

Dark Zombie Ottawa: Brutally challenging map especially solo, it has so many different set pieces that you'll fight the zombies at along with a crazy last stand type area with custom rayguns. This map is freaking mean.

Deadline V2: A large map with a massive treehouse, some other fun well-built buildings and a hectic underground area. This version features completely redone buildings and the easymode underground camping area has been nerfed big-time making this a welcome improvement to the original release. Once you get betties, satchel charges and monkeys it is ON!

Fallout Assault Center: The map just looks freakin’ great and has the UGX Mod on it. There is enough eye candy here to keep my salivary glands pumping until the mapper puts UGX Mod V1.1 on it.

Forts: A really unique twist on a zombie map perfect for those who like to camp. Yea, it’s easy, but it’s also tons of fun. Play by yourself or with friends; it’s a party every time.

Hallway by baseball4ev: A great challenge map and quite hard until you figure out a workable strategy. The only weapons you can get, more or less, are in the starting area so once you get pushed into a hallway you need to know for sure you have enough ammo to survive the round. Some really unique ideas were brought to this map and I feel like it’s very underrated just because it looks terrible.

Illuminati Island: A very complete map in every way. It looks great, has a great layout, fun little list of objectives and has the UGX Mod on it. No real complaints here, just a well done map.

Junkyard: Not a map you’ll play all day long, but it’s fun to just run around and blow up the many exploding barrels, see the room with all the people on meathooks and look at the dead sharks. Good for some laughs.

Killzone: An older train station themed map with a surprisingly fun little easter egg and a great camping area with a backdoor type escape in case you get pushed back too far. Great with the Realism Mod.

Kino der Toten by A-Grand : It’s a pretty good Kino remake with the UGX Mod on it, could life get any better?

Last Stand Elite: This map is insanely good on every level. It looks great, is fairly challenging, has custom guns, custom zombies, a fantastic easter egg, lots of hidden song, etc. Few maps achieve greatness on this level.

Lighthouse: The view of the ocean, beach and surrounding areas on this map is breathtaking, which is a great contrast to the nasty underground Nazi compound that awaits you.

Nacht der Toten Walder: I don’t like swamp maps at all, but I'll make an exception here. This map looks good, but the layout is great. It’s very challenging and has a really well thought out easter egg. This one is a must play.

Neighborhood: I freaking love this map; the double PAP, the scattered parts that you must find, the fun map layout, the slide you can go down, the underground areas which makeup the fun easter egg, the auto turrets and even watching the hats pop up into the air when you get headshots on the zombies and more. There is just so much to like here.

Penguin: Great snowy, frozen themed abandoned base with a very well designed layout. This map offers a great challenge with fun objectives that will have you opening tons of doors, connecting a power cable, activating a satellite, lowering bridges to traverse toxic waste and much more. The map looks really good and plays well especially if you are the kind of player that really likes to explore.

Project X:  This map is more iconic than anything. A great looking map with so many doors to unlock on your quest to escape this zombie infested facility. This map invented the phrases “speed teleporting”.

Propertree: Before there was Neighborhood Traill gave us Propertree which introduced double PAPing, had custom drops a pretty good map layout and a long easter egg to get to the ending. Not the best looking map, but it not so bad as to detract from the experience.

Quizz V2: This map just tugs on my love for science fiction. Freaking great map idea and well executed too. The fun easter egg with all the colored symbols to shoot, custom guns and grenades and the neon, oh the beautiful neon!

SC Dollhouse 2: Never has feeling so small felt so good. It’s like being a character in Toy Story but you get to blow zombie’s heads off. The map looks creative, the objectives are fun and the buyable ending is well priced.

Shinra Ops: Really good looking castle with a fun last stand area. The version I’ve played has some ported Black Ops weapons, but there is a version with the UGX Mod on it now, WIN!

Streets 101: The buildings in this map are really fun since so many have areas that you can run upstairs and jump out of windows to escape which gives it that zombie playground feel. You also have to find and purchase 16 death cards hidden throughout the map which is actually really fun. The ZCT Mod was a great addition too.

TMG Christmas: A really fun adventure through a small town that has a great layout, huge custom weapon selection and an easter egg that will challenge you. Also, the map looks absolutely beautiful with more detail than almost any map out to date.

Town 23: Another really complete feeling map. The two storylines that you work through with Dr Maxis and Richtofen with, lots of audio hints, the underground passageway, the underground command center, the usable lander, Brad the boss zombie and more.

Tutorial: Nothing fancy about the map itself, but there is a button at the top of this hotel that you can press to advance to the next round. Hit the button 200 times, welcome to round 200! There is also a buyable PPSH, a buyable Wonderwaffle and a buyable max ammo which ensures that you will be able to survive about as long as you have the patience.

Verruckt Mansion: A really old map by Gbomb, but this has a special place in my heart. It’s one of those maps that you feel tells a story as you progress but since you don’t have any clues you just have to imagine why you are on this journey. A really big mansion that you must work your way through in a very entertaining way.

Villa: The first and maybe only, map I’ve ever played that has mixed rounds with boss rounds, headshot only rounds, speed rounds and dog rounds, so there is quite a bit of variety to the gameplay. Also, there is an underground area that you can attempt to hold down which looks downright scary, lots of murder must have taken place here.

WarZone: This map almost feels like a campaign with as much ground as you are being asked to cover. You begin on a beach and work your way seemingly miles inland to a Nazi fort which has lots of fun stuff to do there. Map looks pretty good too.

Waterworks: A very detailed rockin’ water purification plant WITH running water. If there is one thing Nukem does best it’s make a map look freaking great! It also has a camping area to easily funnel the zombies through single file for optimal mulching.

YotesLair: A tribute to the late Yoteslaya by ZCTxCHAOSx. A really large beautifully detailed map filled with lots of Yote jokes and sound bites which makes for a humorous experience at every turn. It’s got a few good camping areas and is even better to play with a friend.

Zebba Farms: Another great looking, highly detailed map by ZCTxCHAOSx. This one is themed to look like the farm from the Wizard of Oz. While it is a bit small and limited it is surprisingly fun and the underground tunnel system is a nice addition.

ZM Camping: I started using the phrase “zombie playground” because of this map. The map looks fun with lots of colors and lights an even some humor thrown in. The large area with the mounted turrets and sniper perches is a great place to run circles and there are also a few glitches you can exploit which adds to the fun and increases survivability quite a bit.

ZM Mars: A crazy satanic looking outer space map from the pits of hell. This one will have you collecting fuel in order to fill up your ship and make your escape. The tight quarters make this map VERY challenging, but it looks oh so good too.

Zombie Rich: This map is beautiful and is just one of those maps that you need to stop once in a while and admire how everything looks. The layout is very creative and is just flat out a fun map. There are like 30 buyable debris throughout the map that you must buy in order to progress to the end. This is quite a journey.

Zombie Sumpf: An amazing map by xJimmy33 that looks great, plays well and has a challenging creative objective system with things in this map that I've never seen before, such as, during certain events if you shoot the zombies they transform into a different type of zombie before your very eyes which is completely mind-blowing.

Zombie Train: For me map layout is king and this map’s layout rocks! The map is dark but pretty well detailed and has a super fun easter egg that is about a medium difficulty.  Also, the ending is freaking epic. The fully functioning trains and the train ride are really cool too.



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