Interview with Weezy428: Creator of Nacht der Toten Walder

Interview with Weezy428: Creator of Nacht der Toten Walder

This week I am glad to announce that I had the privilege to interview Weezy428, the mapper who created Nacht der Toten Walder. This map came out a few months ago and in my opinion it is the best map to have come out this year so far...prove me wrong folks. There is so much detail in it and it plays well with just the right amount of challenge to it. No doubt the future is bright for him as a mapper and for the community who will get to enjoy his creations. If you enjoyed Walder and you get a chance be sure to give  a shout-out to Weezy428 and thank him for all his hard work. I hope you all enjoy this interview.

Q1: How did you find out about custom zombies? How long have you been mapping?

A1: I've been playing zombies for a long time and my buddy and I were looking for YouTube zombie videos and stumbled across a map we've never seen before. After realizing  you could make your own maps I was interested in making my dream zombie map. I spent my tax returns on building a computer that could handle mapping the way I wanted.

I started mapping in march of 2012.

Q2: You made the custom zombie map Nacht der Toten Walder and it is a pretty amazing map. It's very large and detailed with a lot to explore and a fun and challenging easter egg. How did you come up with all the great ideas that went into the map?

A2: Well my favorite map is Shi No Numa so I wanted to make kind of a remake of it in a Der Riese style. I also noticed that the story of those 2 maps were kind of off, so I created the in between story of those maps. As for all the ideas that went along with it, I wanted a challenging map with an easteregg that takes you all the way through the map so the player would have to see everything I created. Didn't really intend it to be so confusing.

Q3: Kind-of a followup question. Were there other maps that you played that were an inspiration for Walder? If so, what were they?

A3: I guess from the question before you already know Shi no Numa and Der Riese had a huge part in this maps design. But some other maps that influenced me would have to be Nazi_Zombie_swamps(Gbomb), Seelow (CodMapper), Shangri La, maybe a little bit with Tranzit but just to look at the detail for ideas.

Q4: Is Nacht der Toten Walder your first map or have you made others? How long did it take to make this map? Did you make Walder with a team or did you do everything yourself?

A4: Nacht is my first map. This map took me awhile cause I was learning how to do everything while mapping it out, and everything was done by me without a team.

It took me about 1 year, give or take a month.

Q5: Did Walder turn out the way you envisioned it or where there things that you wanted to do that in the end you just realized weren't going to happen?

A5:  I had some other plans for the map because I never know when to stop.  I pretty much would push it until the errors yelled at me.  I wanted to make the teleporter actually teleport players to the beginning of Der Riese but end it before they could start a new game, but couldn't get the script to work.  In the playground behind the house I wanted the see-saw to go up and down and possibly make it so you could launch zombies when they were on the other side. I also wanted this map bigger, the back yard was suppose to open to other places but I started to hit limits with lights, xmodels, and structural brushes so that didn't happen. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Q6: The easter egg on Walder can be really tough in one or two parts where even some really good well-known zombie players can't get past without help. Think you'll change it up at all to make it a little more straight forward in those parts?

A6: As for the extremely difficult easteregg, 1.1 is being released with a lot of fixes.  Once the teddy's/Hangman are shot Samantha gives you a special sound. I have also added ?'s to all the areas that are part of the easteregg so players have a better clue to the locations associated with it. The doors have special emblems that match the switches to make finding the doors easier.

Q7: In Walder there are like two areas that I can train zombies, but even those areas make me little uneasy at times. Do you like people to camp or run trains, how were you envisioning people were going to have to play your map in order to succeed?

A7: I never really had a specific way players would play the map. Being a zombie player myself I know that people play zombies in many different ways. So I really don't mind if players want to train or camp but in my map I tried to make both difficult.

I figured players would just camp or train zombies in the backyard since it's the largest area. I tried to make the beginning more challenging with some expensive doors so it makes the backyard harder to get to.

Q8: Do you have plans for another map after Walder? If so, can you give us any hints as to what it may be like? Is it going to be a continuation of Walder or something totally different?

A8: I defiantly have plans for more maps and I'm currently working on 3 maps at this time plus 1 as a team with nickst98 and YaPh1l. I can only give little hints on a couple of them right now on my personal projects. I have a water park that is being modeled after a place called Noah's Ark it should be another large map with another complex easteregg. The next map I can tell you about is going to be an abandoned sewer system that's modeled after a childhood memory. It's pretty much going to start above ground and the players will have to choose which way to go underground, it's also going to have BO weapons and perk machines. Right now Water park is 15% complete and Hobo Village is 60% so plenty of work still left to do.

Q9: What makes a map good in your opinion? What is important for a map to have?

A9:  It needs to be fun, challenging and detailed. Do some research and see what people like. Make a map something you would enjoy playing, cause if you don't like it who else will.

It's important to have a good design when making a map. Sketch something out on paper before starting with radiant. It doesn't hurt to have some special mods in a map as well.

Q10: What are your three favorite maps and why do you like them?

A10: Number one on my list would have to be Shi No Numa, it was the first map I played and it's so creepy.
2nd would have to be Kino, it's design is really fun. Also it's the last time you kill real Nazi zombies.
Last is the custom map Seelow made by CodMapper, all around awesome map. One of the best custom maps in my opinion.

Q11: Do you play other games besides Call of Duty zombies and what are they?

A11: Yeah I like to play pretty much anything with blood and gore. I'm a big fan of survival horror games like the classic resident evil's and silent hill games. But zombie games are my favorite so anything with that I'll enjoy.


Thank you Weezy428 for the interview. It has been really cool to get to know you better and to get  a more in depth look into Nacht der Toten Walder and what maps you like.  And to everyone who read the article thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoyed this interview and if you'd like to see past interviews that we've done click HERE.

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