World War Z Reviews

World War Z Reviews

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It's just a jumped-up midnight movie that thinks "stuff jumping out at you and making loud noises" equals horror and "perfect human being impervious to everything" equals hero.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: New York Post

New York Post
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What's missing is a sense of loss - the horror and grief that should be etched on the faces of the living.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Time Out

Time Out
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The movie essentially becomes little more than cool set pieces ... jammed together and interspersed with underdeveloped family-strife scenes.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Time Out New York

Time Out New York
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Here's the oddest element in this tale of Hollywood fine-tuning run rampant: the movie is pretty good -- the summer's most urgent, highest-I.Q. action picture.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine
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It's an anemic actioner that fosters excitement like dead limbs as it lumbers toward a conclusion.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: New York Daily News

New York Daily News
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For all its effectiveness at portraying the horror of possible human extinction, the film's actual humans are so soulless that this could just as well be the movie version of the video game Plants vs. Zombies.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: The Wrap

The Wrap
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An intelligent, riveting and terrifying thriller.

June 19, 2013Full Review Source: NYC Movie Guru

NYC Movie Guru

In the leading role, Brad Pitt is a good fit as the film's strong yet reluctant hero.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: ABC Radio Brisbane

ABC Radio Brisbane

Not "the ultimate zombie movie." But quite good, and the opening 25 minutes will leave you breathless.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: McClatchy-Tribune News Service

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Brad Pitt's hero lacks personality. All we know is that he loves his family, but no one has given him or his relations any exceptional qualities.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Daily Mail [UK]

Daily Mail [UK]

Itbecomes increasingly difficult to pin any message at all on Marc Forster's astonishingly expensive and extensively re-written (and re-shot) blockbuster. And you know what? I didn't mind in the least.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Film4

World War Z is not a horror film, nor is it a deeply thought-provoking political thriller. But it is a fine action picture, and a good Brad Pitt movie.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Inside Horror

Inside Horror

Whether it's due to the presence of a true star like Brad Pitt or the sheer force of the first 2/3 of the story, "World War Z" is a good time at the movies.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Schmoes Know

Schmoes Know

It's an adventure that literally spans the globe at a breakneck pace before shifitng into a tense, suspense-filled final frame.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: Schmoes Know

Schmoes Know

Not many brains get munched, but plenty of people use them.

June 18, 2013Full Review Source: indieWIRE


Marc Foster brings a perfect balance to all of the elements found in World War Z. It's scary yet not in a manipulative way, grim yet never overbearing in its bleakness, and juggles the intimate with the epic.

June 17, 2013Full Review Source: Matt's Movie Reviews

Matt's Movie Reviews

Zombies in Philly, zombies in Jerusalem - even zombies in the projects of Newark! Innovative and terrifying - 'World War Z' is arguably the best zombie film since 1968's 'Night of the Living Dead.'

June 17, 2013Full Review Source:

A chewy, capable, mainstream flick which accommodates both those suffering from zombie fatigue and those who can't get enough.

June 17, 2013Full Review Source: Scotsman


This nightmarish travelogue is coy about gore, but it's still an effective thrill-ride.

June 17, 2013Full Review Source: Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine
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