Feature Interview – Resortified

Feature Interview - Resortified

This weeks interview is of a zombie killer who goes by the name Resortified. He's been slaying zombies on his channel for a little over a year now and has gained a healthy following since then. Here at Zommods we love talking to anyone who loves zombies especially custom zombies and getting to know the people who make up the COD zombie community. Recently on his channel he discussed the new Black Ops 2 DLC called Vengeance, specifically the new zombie map called Buried, so go check out his channel, enjoy his videos and get yourself Resortified!

Link to Resortified HERE


Q1: Why the name Resortified? How does one become Resortified? Can I be Resortified and not know it? Explain how you chose your name.

A1: The name Resortified came to be from my old channel's name, TheZombieResort. That channel was primarily cod zombies, mostly custom, like my current one but I shut it down and changed to Resortified. The name "Resort" came by random. I'm not the best at coming up with names so I just randomly picked something I saw and it happened to be Resort. And thus TheZombieResort was created and shortly after, Resortified.


Q2: Do you make maps or just beat them into submission? What got you into call Call of Duty Zombies and how long have you been a fan?

A2: For the most part I love playing zombies, custom or treyarch. I have tried making maps in the past but I am not so creative so I just stick to playing and beating zombies. I started playing world at war zombies during mw2 with some friends. We would just fool around for the most part. But, I really got into zombies when black ops 1 came out. I played zombies more than anything. Then when custom zombies came out during the summer of black ops 1 I switched to that and eventually black ops 2.


Q3: When you first made your YouTube channel a year ago, what goals did you have in mind? Why make a channel and post videos?

A3: I've had youtube channels in the past, dating all the way back to mw2. I saw other people make videos about video games and I tried it for myself. I loved making videos outside beforehand so making videos about something I enjoy playing was perfect. After many channels of different games I finally ended up making zombie videos, which I enjoy the most. I created Resortified as a primarily zombie channel because that's what I enjoy the most.


Q4: What are your thoughts on Black Ops 2 zombies? Is it a step in the right direction or does the 87,000 steps that it takes to complete the easter egg for each map make it a little bit too much?

A4:I think black ops 2 zombies is just another chapter to the experience. There are definitely flaws to black ops 2 compared to black ops 1 and world at war but the zombie experience is there. Especially with Mob of the Dead, Treyarch is recreating the old black ops 1 style of zombie maps which is awesome.
The black ops 2 easter eggs are actually a lot shorter than the ones we have had the past. The only difference is that they're boring to complete. I have done the black ops 2 easter eggs once and haven't touched them since. There is no fun in the process and there isn't a neat award to go with it. In black ops 1 the easter eggs we're a lot longer but the process and reward was awesome.


Q5: As you know Zommods leans heavily toward Custom Zombies, do you play much of the Custom Zombies for World at War? I mean, i've seen your YouTube channel and I don't see a tremendous amount of custom zombie content recently...just sayin'.

A5: I play custom zombies more than anything, I haven't posted a lot of custom zombies recently because there aren't any maps being made at the moment. But, I started playing custom zombies as soon as they were created in 2011. I have a lot of custom zombies that I have posted in the past and I posted tons on my old channel. I also plan on doing a lot more over the summer!


Q6: What are your 2 favorite official Treyarch zombie maps and why?

A6: My two favorite Treyarch zombie maps are Call of the Dead and Moon. There is no real way to explain it, but the feel and experience of the maps are great. The play style is a lot different then what were used to in zombies. Also, the easter eggs are a lot of fun.


Q7: What are your 2 favorite Custom Zombie map and why?

A7: My two favorite zombie maps have to be Quizz(version 1) and Comatose(not yet released). They both were created by my good friend quizz. Though that isn't the reason I like those maps over the others. I played quizz v1 before I even met quizz. It was a lot different then the maps that were made during that time. It had custom guns, textures, and all it was missing was an easter egg. I have probably played that map more than some treyarch maps to be honest. And then comatose is a in progress map that quizz has been working for a while now. I can't say much about it but the map itself feels like a treyarch map would.


Q8: In your eyes, what makes a map fun verses a map that you'll never want to play again?

A8: A map that is fun is as simple as it sounds, you enjoy playing it. Some maps, even treyarch ones, haven't been touched since the release. The play style in terms of the look of the map, the weapons, and difficulty weren't as good as other ones. But fun maps you could go back to and play without hesitation. It doesn't even have to look good to be fun. All that is important is how the map plays out.


Q9: In your opinion, what could the custom zombie community be doing better to to make maps that are more enjoyable and have higher replay value?

A9: The easiest way to make maps more enjoyable is to work on them a lot. That means the actual time it takes to make the map, the testing, and the fixing. A good map can't be created in a week or less. It takes a lot of time to perfect a map to make it enjoyable.


Q10: If you could thank anyone or a team of people in the custom zombie community for contributions that they have made who would that be and why?

A10: Four people I would thank personally in the community would be Tombmx first out of everyone. The contributions that he has made to the custom zombie community are tremendous. Custom zombies would not be where it is today without him. The next 2 people I would thank are Chaos and quizz. These are 2 along with a lot more have made fantastic maps that alone helped the zombie community. Chaos brought the zct mod which was the first "custom" aspect to custom zombies. Allowing custom perks, zombies, and guns. Quizz for the different feel and play style of custom zombies. He changed how custom zombies turned out with the custom features that he created. There are many more mappers out there who have contributed to the community as well and I thank them equally. The last "person" I would personally thank would be yoteslaya and ngtzombies. They are loved by many and hated by as much but they are the people who indirectly introduced me to custom zombies along with a lot more people. Aside from the creators of maps, the people who advertised the maps should be thanked as well.


Thank you Resortified for this interview and thank you for the respect that you have for map makers and the community in general. Sometimes you can run into some real jerks while you're trying to find a good game but it's nice to see standup guys like you who represents what's right about the community. Best of luck in your zombie slaying.

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