Top 3 Zombie Movies

Top 3 Zombie Movies

I have decided to give you the top 3 zombie movies of all time.  I am in no way the authority on this issue, but I do run a zombie related website, so maybe I am.






3) Shaun of the Dead:

shaun-of-the-dead-ed-shaunShaun of the Dead couldn't be the first zombie movie and still be considered great.  It needed every campy, low budget zombie flick out there to come along first so that it would have something to parody.  Shaun of the Dead needs something to make fun of.  But it does more than just make fun of zombie flicks.  It is a tribute in a way.  A wonderfully funny tribute to all we like about zombie movies.





2) Evil Dead (Original):

bruceEvil Dead is the perfect balance of creepy-scary, and beautifully self aware.  Add to that a killer leading man and we have a classic on our hands.  What really makes this movie for me is Bruce Campbell's performance.  He makes the character just the right man for the job.  Somehow he plays it both cool and shocked yet still just confident enough to take care of business.





1) 28 Days Later:

I know, I know.  This spot belongs to Dawn of the Dead.  How could I possibly think otherwise?  I must not know anything about anything.  Fine.  But let me ask you a question that you have to answer honestly - Imagine you had a friend who had never seen a zombie movie.  What would you rather show them to fill them with the appropriate sense of fear, suspense and tension that should come while watching a zombie flick, Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later?


The correct answer is 28 Days Later.  Dawn of the Dead may have done something great back in the day, but think of it as a proud parent that is just so happy to see their kid go on to greater heights than they ever did.  Dawn of the Dead laid the groundwork, 28 Days Later built the monument.  It is a wonderfully written, acted and directed movie.



How do you fall out on this?  What do you think the top 3 zombie flicks are?

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