Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 3 of 3

Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of my Custom Zombie State of the Union address. Click here for parts ONE and TWO. In part one I covered the best maps of 2013 so far and in part two I talked about the latest in custom zombie innovations and what the future might hold for new features. In this last portion I want to look at the big dogs, the huge undertakings, the projects that take entire teams a great deal of man hours to achieve and to bring us completely a new and different gaming experience.  Welcome to "The Mods".


Part 3: The Mods

New maps are always coming out and new ideas spawn creative innovations which have the ability to change the way we look at zombies but nothing makes the kind of impact that a whole new Mod does.

A few years back a guy by the name of [HOG]Rampage came out with Zombie Realism and along with that came the ability to level your character up similar to how you would in standard Call of Duty multiplayer, but being able to experience that while killing zombies was a dream come true for many zombie fanatics and still stands as perhaps the most impressive accomplishment in custom zombies to date.

Next came the ZCT Mod (Zombie Chicken Taco) with Modern Warfare weapons, the difficulty mod with its variety of zombie types to keep you on your toes and of course dropping perk bottles instead of perk machines. Another revolutionary mod with so much thought and care going into it that it hardly feels dated even several years later. Another important and impressive mod which deserves the respect of everyone.

Most recently the UGX Mod has graced our presence with the UGX team having a vision for the next generation and delivering a dynamic and complete new mod that has shaken the foundation of custom zombies. The first time this mod was seen was on a 2012 map called Comosea, but the standalone version of the mod wasn't released until this year. The arsenal is extremely large but the PaP'd versions of the guns with their custom camos and unique features are even more impressive. At the time I am writing this there are 5 game modes to play, custom powerup drops, zombie types and many other custom effects and features. There are more guns, features and game modes coming in the near future to beef up an already massive and powerful mod so no doubt the future is bright for mappers and players alike. The UGX team also recently did something never before done in the community by conducting a large scale poll with a call going out to the far reaches of the community in order to see what people wanted to see in the next update of the UGX Mod and promising to listen to and to incorporate the most popular ideas in order to ensure that, we the people, get what we want out of a mod. UGX Mod version 1.1 Coming Soon!

Also, coming soon is a mod which I believe will be released as a standalone when the time is right called the TMG Mod. While not much is known about this mod I do know that the team at TMG has been learning from the UGX Mod and is incorporating game modes and other similar features into their mod as well. Sounds like they will be competing for the attention of map makers and as we all know competition drives up quality so this will probably turn out to be a win for the community no matter what happens. People learning from each other, teams trying to make the best product they can. Let's grease the wheels of industry boys and keep the creativity and ideas coming.



While only a handful of really fun maps have come out this year so far, original and unique features are still being created by great minds within the community, energy is high and things are moving forward and for that I am truly thankful. I believe that the second half of 2013 will be even better than the first half and by the end of the year when we are drowning ourselves in bubbly and putting firecrackers in people's mailboxes we will look back and think what a great year it's been for custom zombies. And heck, maybe we'll finally be playing Nukem's Alcatraz by then, gosh I hope so.



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