Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 2 of 3

Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 2 of 3

Welcome to part 2 of my Custom Zombie State of the Union address, for part 1 click here. The purpose of this article is to address the current health of the custom zombie community and to highlight notable achievements and contributors to Call of Duty: WAW custom zombies in the year 2013.

Here is part 2 of the "2013 COD Custom Zombie State of Decay!"


Part 2:Innovations and Innovators
Every so often a person or group comes out with an idea that changes the course of zombies and raises it to even greater heights than we thought possible. There are two that stood out to me this year so far:

zNiiC and his map Survival:Gas Station. I'd never seen buildables in custom zombies before this and even though it's a short small adventure zNiiC did it right. It was so much fun to load up the map, watch the creative intro video and then find yourself in a desperate situation straight out of a movie. It's left up to you to find the necessary pieces to get the power on and get your vehicle running again and finally escape. It was more of a taste of what is possible than being a full scale map but it had all the elements of something greater being developed down the road.

Bamskater33. This guy isn't so much a mapper or modder or any of the terms we use in custom gaming. He is an Idea Man who never stops thinking outside the box and my hope is that he keeps refining his skills and joins with other serious mappers and that people utilize his creativity to make their maps all the more impressive and entertaining because he does have so much to offer. He's made custom traps, zombie skins, perk machines, and other visually appealing and creative machines within maps including a fast travel machine and also a primitive but effective map editor. To see some of his creations check out the custom zombie maps: Casino, Group 877, Paradise, Zombie Forge and 935 Laboratories. The maps themselves aren’t going to win any awards but they really just exist as a vehicle for him to showcase his ideas.

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With ideas and idea makers like these the future of the zombie community looks bright with new and exciting features still being created and brought to life by the hands and minds of capable and talented members of the community and it is with great appreciation that I thank these and everyone else who is refining their skills in order to make these maps we all enjoy possible.

To be continued...Part 3 will cover the huge impact makers, the giants, the unstoppable forces: The Mods of 2013.


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