Interview with Trebeltom1 creator of Dale’s Dock & Compound

Interview with Trebeltom1 creator of Dale's Dock & Compound

Hey guys, Tomikaze back with another interview. I recently interviewed Trebeltom1 creator of Dale's Dock and Compound and just asked him some questions about his maps, how he felt about them and the future. Trebeltom1 is a fairly new mapper but his maps so far have made a big splash in the community and he's learned a lot in a very short amount of time so I am very excited for what he has in store for us custom zombie players in the future.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

Q1. What does Trebeltom1 mean and how did you choose that as your name?

A1. Trebeltom comes from a nickname I had at the age of nine when I made my first game account, (aoe2, ftw).It stands for The Rebel Tom, and is completely ironic. I just haven't changed it, but I use Dale for quite a lot of stuff now (it is a derivation of my actual name).


Q2.What originally got you interested in custom zombies and the community and how long have you been active in the community?

A2. I played (until exams started), a lot of cod waw lan, being at boarding school there were a quite few late night sessions. I noticed the mod tab in the menu, used google and because zombiemodding was blocked I found myself at, which turned out to be a huge blessing. I have played a lot of custom maps over the past year or so, and had many more ideas, which I am now realizing in the form of Dale's Dock, Compound and the maps in the pipeline. I am definitely still new to the community, having jumped on the bandwagon 3 years late, but the support is amazing, I am very impressed with the level of commitment some of these guys have.


Q3. How did you come up with the idea for Dale's Dock and what made you want to use the UGX Mod on it?

A3. I was basically just looking through all the xmodels when I found a boat which looked sick and I just chucked it in radiant. Being a complete novice, I didn't realize that you needed to clip these things, so I thought it was a glitch and just built a map around it. The UGX mod was completely by chance, I didn't even know it was so new as a standalone for everyone to put in their maps. I wanted to have some of the features that maps such as Propertree have, especially modifications to weapons. It seemed like the easiest way to do this, and having now ported just a few weapons in from newer versions of COD, I fully understand the time and effort these guys put in to it.


Q4. Dales' Dock was a pretty big success, what were your thoughts when it came out and more or less just blew up?

A4. Suprise. It was totally unexpected, because it was my first map, it was really basic, and I thought it was completely due to the UGX mod. This is a large reason for why it was a success, but the people I tested it with, at school, have given me a few other reasons why. It was simple, easy and you could replay it without becoming instantly bored or frustrated. The fact that I sent it to various commentators, you and NGT, helped spread the word about both Dale's Dock and UGX. A large factor was that my map was the first since Comosea to have the UGX-mod, and so it drew a large crowd who wanted to use the Winter's howl and the Thundergun in WAW zombies for the first time.


Q5. Your next map Compound was way more involved and elaborate with a really long and complex easter egg compared to Dale's Dock which was much more simple. How did you come up with the idea for everything that went into Compound.

A5. So I think that, as with any new thing, you are unlikely to get it right first time, because you are taking a shot in the dark, or the second time, as you will often overcompensate. I think Compound was the the opposite of Dale's Dock, with everything from buildables, unlockables, black ops perks, etc. I started mapping it in January, but the easter egg and the elevator were both inspired by Die Rise (I'm a huge fan). I wanted to see what could be done with the tools, and so I went looking everywhere for ideas and features which could go into the map.


Q6. Has anyone completed the Compound easter egg and actually beat the map? If so, can you tell me who they are so that I can write them a hero's song on my limited edition Zelda Ocarina?

A6. I have looked hard, but there is at least one hidden step in Compound, after the beam turns on, which I don't think anyone, has found, or will find in the near future. It was a classic, hard to find end, although it wasn't a buyable ending. I personally am not a fan of that feature; I prefer the survive-as-long-as-you-can aspect that WAW brought to cod zombies.


Q7. It's a little sad, but it seems like Compound didn't get the kind of attention that Dale's Dock did, why do you think that is?

A7.There are two reasons why compound didn't get the attention of Dale's Dock. The first is that it was too complicated, and you had to spend a long time trying to do anything. It is a problem with black ops 2 zombies as well in my opinion. You had to spend too much time unlocking things. People want to go to new areas quickly, and not have to search around for jug, build the power etc. The second reason is that the UGX mod had had a few more outings on other maps, and people were expecting to that level of customization. I think that there is potential to do exactly the same thing with UGX mod v1.2, introducing all the new guns and game modes.


Q8. Do you have plans for another map? If so can you give me any hints on it?

A8. Dale's (Big) Dig. Think shaft.


Q9. The UGX Mod version 1.1 is coming out soon are there any ideas that you requested? And are there any of the new features that have been talked about being added that you are really excited about?

A9. I really wanted to see some more equipment in the game, as well as a headquarters/hardpoint/king of the hill style game mode. I was a big fan of the Moon equipment, Gersch and QED, and also the emp in grief mode. I would love to have seen a 2v2 game mode, but there are some difficulties with implementing that I believe. My favorite confirmed addition is my all-time favorite weapon in zombies, the Scavenger. I think that it was a quality gun, and it kept me on Call of the Dead for a long time after Shangri-La came out.


Q10. What are your 3 favorite custom zombie maps and why are they your favorite?


1.Propertree: it was so much fun to play, and was my introduction to double pack-a-punch. I loved the gold camo, and also the way you can open new areas quickly and often.
2.Quizz v2: the futuristic style gave the level the look of a professional sci-fi game, and that custom mystery box is incredible.
3.Minecraft zombies: it was really easy, which meant that you could play a quick game in 20 minutes and be done with it. I also love having to go through the walls to find all the stuff as well.


Thank you Trebeltom1 for the interview, I still remember playing Dale’s Dock for the first time and how fun that map was and still is. If you guys haven’t played Compound and you’re looking for a real challenge go download it and see if you can beat it or if it kicks in your teeth, bends you over its knee and gives you a spanking for failing so hard.

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