Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 1 of 3

Custom Zombie State of the Union, Part 1 of 3

As a serious fan of custom zombies, the community and an avid player and commentator as well, I want to bring forward a State of the Union address regarding the current health of the custom zombie community as it pertains to Call of Duty: World at War- custom zombies. Additionally, I want to highlight what I see as shining lights in the year 2013 so far and project a little into the near future at what is coming. The first part will be standout map, the second part will be innovations and innovators and the third part is dedicated to entire mods.

With that being said, Welcome to the “2013 COD Custom Zombie State of Decay!”


Part 1: The Maps
Each year new mappers are born and old ones retire with a few achieving great notoriety as having made a positive impact on the zombie community while others burn up like frozen clusters of ejected space shuttle porta-potty feces attempting to re-enter earth's atmosphere. And with so many people trying their hands at map making there is always a steady stream of low quality maps that must be sifted through in order to find the true gems that are released from time to time. So, from January through May of 2013 here are the maps that made an impact on me so far and why.



Good, but not great.
HAUS DER UNTOTEN by ZOMB1E-KLLR: the first map to come out in 2K13 that gave me hope that more good looking maps were on the horizon. Not a perfect map by any means but it does have some fun playable areas, a water slide you can go down and enough depths and replayablility to let you know this guy knew what he was doing and took pride in his work. Also, watching people go for the Raygun will always funny.

3Dem by OEM2003: A super glitchy map that made you think that the glitches were supposed to be there to add to the unpredictability of the map but it's probably just lousy mapping. The map does have a lot of custom guns and quite a bit to open up in two creatively-constructed multilevel buildings leading to the most insane buyable ending I've ever seen, no words can describe, you just have to be there.


Dale's Dock by Trebeltom1: Dale's Dock was like lightning in a bottle, a great deal of this map's success came because it was in the right place at the right time.It is a fun map to be sure with a creative layout, Black Ops perks and no glaring flaws but what gave this map its day in the sun was that it was the first map to utilize the UGX Standalone Mod on it which propelled it to heights that were unattainable on its own merits.


Anstalt Der Untoten by Team 00: This map went with the philosophy that more is more. It is a large map replica of an old penitentiary and it has custom everything you could think of including perks, powerup drops, an endgame boss, a large easter egg and lots, lots more. The downside is that most of it is just identical prison hallways and it's just not as much fun as it should have been. That being said, it is still a welcome addition to the noteworthy maps of 2013.

zebba-farms-1Zebba Farms: Oz Part One by ZCT CHAOS: For starters it is the best looking map this year so far and it is very detailed but also looks extremely clean too. It really does look like you are killing zombies in a big budget movie. Also, the map utilizes the UGX Standalone Mod with its variety of game modes and impressive weapon selection. It also has a short easter egg leading to a reasonable buyable ending. It's not a very big map, which is the only thing that kept me from putting it in the great section. So, yes you will end up running the same ground over and over but since it looks so good you probably won't mind too much.

The Great.
Nacht_Der_Toten_Walder by Weezey428: This is the first map made by Weezey and it is pretty masterful. It is a very large map and with a ton of detail. It has quite a few custom features but that's not what makes this map. The genius of this map is its creative layout, many playable areas and an impressive easter egg. My only complaint is that the easter egg could have been a bit more straight forward, but outside of that there is very little to detract from the fact that this map is great. This was the only map this year so far that made me feel like I was really on an adventure.

Zombie banner

To be continued… Part two will cover: Innovations and Innovators in 2013.


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