Now You See Me – May 31, 2013

Now You See Me - May 31, 2013

After killing zombies, knocking up Ellen Page and creating Facebook, Jesse Eisenberg is at it again, this time as a master magician. The biggest trick he is pulling off here is keeping Woody Harrelson's career alive. Let's not get distracted though.

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Jesse stars as Michael Atlas (from Cloud Atlas fame) along with Isla Fischer, Woody Harrelson and James Franco's little brother, making up a super cool group of bank robbers.  They are not all bad, when they rob the banks they give the money to the audiences for their live shows.  Someone who should take note is Nicholas Cage.  You should be paying us to sit through your crap movies Nic.  "Do you want some of my jellys?"  Stupid.  GhostRider would never say that.  Now back to this movie.  Super Fantastic!! They are a bunch of modern day Robin Hoods.

Things start to go wrong when Mark Ruffalo is put on the case.  As the pressure increases it will test the boundaries of the groups loyalty, friendship and blah blah blah we've seen it all before.

The only way this movie is actually going be any good is if somehow all the pieces come together in an Ocean's 11 type manner and the bad guys get off scott free, leaving Mark Ruffalo confused, frustrated and alone.  It has to be clever though, working together in a way that isn't perfectly obvious.  If the only people that think your movie plot was slick saw the movie right after their GED night classes, your movie sucks.

The other way this movie could be great is if after Jesse Eisenberg handcuffs Mark Ruffalo, Mark turns into the Hulk and beats the hell out of him.

I give this movie a 50% chance of being good.

Wait, whats that?  Jesse Eisenberg wasn't in Juno?  I'll have to look into that.

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